The Kinecta Difference.

We’re so much better than a bank. That’s because we’re made for members, not for profit. How does that work? Higher rates on investment accounts? Absolutely. Lower rates on loans? For sure. But what really separates us from every other financial institution out there is what you experience at Kinecta.

It goes like this: We listen and ask the right questions. We make life easier for our members. And above all, we make sure to get it right the first time. This is how we build solid relationships with each and every individual.

Is it weird to have a relationship with your financial institution? Certainly not. But it is unexpected. And that’s the whole point.

The Unity Of Community.

There is no other bank or credit union out there that matches our investment and intensity of commitment to the people and neighborhoods we serve. From scholarships and grant programs to coastal conservation, Kinecta is the most unexpected, uncommon, and unifying partner a community could have.

Meet the Kinecta Frenchies.







Expect The Unexpected.

We encourage our members to “Expect The Unexpected,” but what does that mean? It means a genuine smile when you approach the counter. A credit card that helps you establish credit. The barbecue that benefits your community. A free concert on Hermosa Beach (just…because). Or maybe even an enthusiastic spokesman with a crazy moustache, and the even crazier idea that financial fitness can be fun.

Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this?